Azhadi Asyraf

The Wellness Trainer

Azhadi is a fitness enthusiast in the field of fit and wellness. He has been in Malaysia Health and Fitness since he was 13 years old. Starting from Martial Art Silat, Lian Padukan, Capoeira and started venture into PowerBuilding (Powerlifting + Bodybuilding) at the age of 16.

At the age of 18, he suffered a severe herniated (slipped) disc on the l4 & l5 spine, causing him to rest and recover by undergoing intensive physiotherapy and chiropractic for 2 years for refusing to underwent surgery.

In 2019, Azhadi graduated with a Diploma in Exercise Science in the Asia College of Sports and Exercise Medicine (ACESM) and began working as a Personal Trainer (PT) and Fitness Consultant at Commercial Gym around the Klang Valley while working as a freelance cupping therapist and sports massage therapist.

Azhadi is currently in Central Malacca where he train clients online and one-on-one while writing blogs / youtube about fitness and wellness.

The Team

Coach Dzikri

Muhd Dzikri Ajwad

I started working out with body weight exercises since 2013. After seeing very positive results, exercising is like “drug” to me, I’d say a very natural and healthy “drug”. The feelings of psychological well-being from the rush of endorphin hormone is what really got me hooked. I began to explore deeply into calisthenics, acquiring new set of skills such as muscle ups and one handed pull ups.

In 2017 I started going to the commercial gym and began my journey to learn exercise equipment and machines. Graduated from Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine (ACESM) in 2019, I started working in various high-end commercial gyms in Klang Valley and became a top trainer for months.

As a personal trainer I’m really excited to see the progress of my clients, because good results will speak for itself. Now I’m residing in Petaling Jaya and train my clients here. Hit me up if you want to be trained under my provision, you’ll never regret it !

Advisor Rahim

Abdul Rahim

Hello! My name is Abdul Rahim, but you can call me Rahim. I hail from London, but currently residing in Malaysia.

I’ve been practicing martial arts since I could remember. Legend has it that I roundhouse kicked my way out of the womb.

Jokes aside- I did Karate, Muay Thai and am currently competing for the UK National Silat Team. .
I have several years of clinical experience and assisting sports teams.

Rehabilitation has always been a strong passion of mine, and there would be nothing better than to share my knowledge and skills with you.

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