Get your FREE Kickstart Sessions.

Steps to get your Free Kickstart sessions.

  1. Contact your coach to get your coupon code to use upon registering.
  2. Register your account on the registration page by selecting KickStart option and enter the coupon code. *select any payment option, you will not be charged.
  3. Done! You can now book your training session on the website or message directly with your coach and start your wellness journey.

Terms and condition of kickstart :

  1. The training session will be held at IronMine Gym Melaka with a walk in payment of RM6. If the client decided to choose a different gym in Melaka Tengah area that is convenient for them, the client must pay the entry fee of the chosen gym for the personal trainer and themselves for the current session. Outdoor session will be conducted free for both party unless the entry fee (paid by the client for themselves and the trainer) is needed to use the facility needed to conduct the session.
  2. Client must book their session via whatsapp or website before the session can be conducted to ease the process of planning and conducting the session.
  3. If any of these requirements does not meet, the trainer can forfeit the sessions.

Session details :

  • Session 1 : Briefing and questions and answering between the client and the trainer regarding the training program.
  • Session 2 : Client wellness assessment.
  • Session 3 and 4 : Workout Session with guidance by the personal trainer.
  • Session 5 : Workout session with end briefing and feedback collect.

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